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Vacation Planning Part 1 of 2

A Recap Of Our 1st Anniversary Trip!


Have you ever tried planning a trip in the middle of a worldwide pandemic of Covid19? Yes, Jolene, It's going to be harder to pull off than you think it will be. At first I thought that we should still be able to rent a cabin somewhere and plan some kind of nature activities. With the Covid19 I knew that a ton of attraction places were closed so I set my mind to being okay with taking a trip even if we won't be able get out and go to different places. Hello to a relaxing vaca!:)

We decided we want to do a 4 day weekend getaway. So our options of travel were to fly somewhere or then travel somewhere within a 1 day drive. We knew we wanted to have a relaxing weekend at a cabin or Airbnb home somewhere. At first we looked into renting a cabin out west by a clear water lake surrounded by mountains. We actually had a cabin booked but they canceled on us and thankfully we didn't have our plane flights booked yet!! We then started looking at cabins in Hocking Hills Ohio or in West Virginia. We found the cutest cabin in Palestine, West Virginia way back in (like 3 miles off the main road) that was tucked in the woods, totally out of sight! If you are wanting to plan a vaca, check out the cabin here!

The cabin had a front porch, outback fire place and pool table, which was really nice! We also went and grabbed food for the weekend before we got to the cabin since the closest town with a Walmart was 40 minutes away. ( Part 2 of Vacation Planning I will be talking more about planning food for a trip.) We spend most of the weekend enjoying cabin life and sightseeing.

Here are some tips as to how I go about planning a vacation! Asking yourself these following questions sure make things easier!

Question 1. How long do you want to be on vacation?

This can be helpful in narrowing down your trip idea list! If you want a short trip you will have limited options. If you are doing a 3 or 4 week trip, plan away!

Question 2. What type of the vacation do you want to have?

Relaxing with no people around? Full of outdoor activities? Tourist attractions based? Around water or woods?

Question 3. What's your budget?

For some blog posts or people's vacation planning this would be question number one but to be honest, this isn't how I plan our trips! If we want a trip packed full of doing things (that take money) I plan that it and then really try to watch lodging and food costs.

Hopefully this was a helpful in your vacation planning! More information to come in Blog Post Vacation Planning Part 2 that will be live next week!

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