So I would like to talk to future brides in this post and give tips on reception decor that makes the reception look pleasing to the eye and photogenic. Actually this post could also apply to anyone who loves to plan parties that involve table decor.

1. LESS IS MORE. Sometimes the phrase is used, "Too much is to much". What you do have for your decor I encourage you to really emphasize it. Make it pop and stand out and be really noticeable. Because something that is little and too simple will look "lonely" and "lost" on your table. This is a good example for centerpieces as well as anything else you want to focus on to be on.

2. USE ODD NUMBERS. This idea has been used for multiple decor spaces! For example, if you have a grouping of candles as your centerpiece, instead of just one item, using different heights of 3 or 5 would be pleasing to the eye. Florists normally use odd numbers with their flower bouquets, so use this tip if putting together your own flowers!!

3. DON'T HESITATE to use neutral colors. Not only will neutral colors make your wedding colors pop, but it will also make things look clean and classy! You know when little kids color a picture and use every color in the crayon box? Yes, I'm sure you get my point! Even using a few neutrals looks great!

4. USE DIFFERENT SHAPES. Imagine if everything at a table would be round? Round table, round plate and napkin, (do they even make that?) Round centerpiece, round name tags, round pattern table cloth... is it just me or does the table look round? In this picture, notice the layered table runner, round mirror, round vase ( would've probably looked better with a square vase) and also my reception had a mixture of round and square tables.

5. USE FOOD AS A PART OF DECOR if you can. Last but not least!! Guests love good food and also who doesn't love it displayed nicely!?

Now these pictures were taken at my wedding by my photographer and I've been wanting to share some of these tips with you guys and hope they can be a help to someone!

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