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KENDALL + KIMBERLY Wedding 4.11.20

A Small Classy Country Wedding


As the wedding drew closer, the spread of the Covid19 became the talk of the town and more restrictions were put in place. My heart went out to all the excited engaged that had to make the hard decision, "Are we going to have the wedding postponed or just have a small family wedding?"

Kendall & Kimberly made the decision to have a small family wedding and get married on their chosen date! I trusted their decision and knew that it was still possible to marry the love of your life and have a beautiful wedding without the presence of all guests. And believe me, they did! Just wait till you see the pictures!

At first I wasn't even sure if we would even be allowed to take pictures at the local park but it all worked out and we spent the morning taking bride -n - groom and family pictures. Their wedding was held at a small country church close to where Kimberly grew up. One of the sweetest moments was her Dad walking her up the aisle and giving her away. Everyone was so happy for this couple! Her Mom surprised her with a beautiful wedding cake that was made with her wedding colors!

Kimberly & Kendall,

My favorite part in getting to photograph your wedding was the EXCITEMENT and JOY you to had in getting married! You two also really rocked that dipping and kissing pose. WOW. Hope to keep in touch! Love you guys!


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