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ALAN + AMBER Wedding 09.15.19

Updated: May 1, 2020

A few months before the wedding I sat across the diner table from Amber, sipping on my smoothie and listening to all the wedding planning taking place. There was going to be snacks and cake! And flowers! Amber mentioned that her dream wedding was to have it be simple. Fun and not stressful.

Finally the wedding day came, the sky was overcast and their were rain clouds scattered all over the sky. As we met at the beautiful Adam Mill to start Bride & Groom Portraits, it started to rain! Going to the trunk of my car I whipped out my clear umbrellas... with intentions to create dreamy and romantic portraits. Also another lifesaver was that the Mill had porch roofs to stand under to be out of the rain. Alan & Amber were troopers and very much enjoyed the morning of their wedding in spite of the rain!

Family time... both families were so much fun and made me feel like I knew them for a long time already.

( Even though this was first time meeting!) All the brides sisters had big smiles on their faces. All. Day. Long. Of course, their sister was getting married! Alan & Amber were blessed to have all 4 sets of grandparents at their wedding.

The brides' Grandpa had the privilege of bringing the message and also the exchange of vows. His face was beaming as he looked at his Granddaughter while giving her lots of great tips on marriage.

After the bride and groom cut the cake, the guests stuffed theirs faces with chips and nut mix, cake, and raspberry soft ice cream.

Alan & Amber, It was my pleasure capturing every precious moment of your wedding day! I loved the way you two were very excited to start your new life together. May God bless you in your journey of marriage!

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