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About Me

I live just outside the small town of Plymouth, Ohio in a fixer- upper house with my husband and our two Dachshund pups. Below are some random, but true, facts about me you might find interesting. 

Fun Facts

  •   I live to serve Jesus and my prayer is that His love will shine through me to others.

  •   I am outgoing and love to meet new people and make new friends.

  •   Modern style decorator

  •   Enthusiastic trip planner

  •   My sweet tooth never fails me 

  •   Huge Starbucks fan

  •   Lover of flowers and Landscaping ( I used to work at a landscaping place)

  •   Get to know me too well and I’ll never stop talking :)

Bridal 1 (20 of 55).jpg


  •   Kyle and I met in Indiana the weekend that one of my friends got married. Looking back now I remember that ‘Love at First Sight’ feeling, even though I wasn’t sure I believed at the whole ‘Love at First Sight’ thing. Even though it was a number of years ago in some ways it still feels like it was just yesterday.

  •   Growing up in 2 different states didn’t stop us from seeing each other! We dated long-distance for a few years until he moved to Ohio.

  •   We had our beautiful, dream-come-true wedding on a beautiful day in June of 2019!


  •   One of my friends pointed out to me that as soon as I got my own camera when I was a pre-teen I would always be wanting to take their pictures and I came up with all kinds of posing ideas!

  •   My passion is capturing your memories so they will be remembered instead of falling through the cracks of time.

  •   In my photography journey I’ve done weddings, families, newborns, and portraits and also worked with other photographers.

  •   Professionally photographing weddings since 2017!

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